What is SOTW?

This event comprises 4 quarterly competitions.


April- June

July- September

Oct- Dec.

The SOTW begins on  Monday each week. The segments chosen are generally within a 20 mile radius of Hilden unless a specific external segment is chosen by mass agreement ( for example on the week of the one day tour a segment in France may be chosen) . Rides must be completed between 6 am Monday morning and 6 pm Sunday night. Times recorded outside these times will not be eligible to enter into the league.


Each week the segment for the next week is announced on FB on a Sunday evening.


We have three women’s league and one men’s. At the end of every 3 months the leagues are recalculated.

At the end of each week  points will be awarded for the fastest times as follows.

1st – 20 points 2nd – 19 points ……19th 2 points 20th 1 point.

Trophies will be awarded each quarter to the person in each league with the most points over 10 weeks. Trophies will be engraved and presented ( usually at coffee) with the league winners every quarter.


To take part you need to be a paid up first claim club member and have a strava account that is joined to the KVG/KVB club pages on strava. At the moment those groups are open but if we get lots of interlopers we will put a permission to join in the settings. You will need a device that is strava compatible ie Garmin, phone, mio, etc.


At the end of each quarter ..

The top 3 in Div 2 and BOTR go up 1 division.

The bottom 3 in  division 1 & 2 go down one division.

Anyone who has not participated at all gets automatically put into BOTR.


NB- All new participants start in BOTR.


It’s all a bit of fun.

Road bikes only. No TT bikes/aero helmets/ leadout trains.


Enjoy yourself, and get a little fitness boost by taking part each week.

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