Welcome Return To The KVG

In True Spirit Of The KVG


I returned to the Sunday Endurance ride today after many many months of not cycling for one reason or another. The girls could not have been more welcoming all pleased to see me  and before I knew it I was allocated into the hilly ride with Valerie (Fuller) at the helm. As always the pace was adjusted to meet the needs of the group and within 10 mins I felt as though I had never been away.

Valerie recounted the time I had assisted her to ride further in the early days and now she was giving me support that the legs could cope with various big hills and  the undulating Kent countryside which hasn’t changed. Such a good friendly ethos in the club it made coming out today such a positive experience and confidence levels definitely restored when I reached the top of Ide Hill. Beautiful sunshine and a fabulous route also added to a lovely few hours.

When asked to comment Valerie said;


“What goes around comes around. I remember being on a ride with Jane Cast in 2008/9 when I had difficulty keeping up and wanted to abandon the ride. Jane was having none of it, she slowed the pace and stayed with me for the rest of the ride. So yesterday I was happy to return the kindness and care that Kent Velo Girls are known for”

Jane Cast and Valerie Fuller

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