Turbo Training

Club Turbo Sessions.

What is turbo? A turbo trainer is a frame that you fit the back wheel of your road bike into, effectively making it into a static bike.   Why turbo sessions and not just go to a spin class at the gym? The turbo sessions are ridden on your own bike, set up just for you.  They allow you to practise riding in different positions and help beginners to get used to the gears and how and when to use them. As the sessions are led by a cycling coach, not a gym instructor, they are cycling specific and likely to help you develop as a cyclist.

KVG turbo sessions.

Our sessions are run in a converted dairy at the home of Lucy Bull, one of the KVG in Shipbourne. They are led by a BC Level 3 coach, (me!) who plans the sessions over each winter to get a mixture of fitness build, strength training, cadence and other skills work. The sessions allow you to maintain or gain fitness over the winter (depending what else you do for the rest of the week) and to develop confidence and skills. Whilst it is challenging to speak to people individually on rides to help them with technique, when everyone is stationary, it is easier to see who needs help. The course is 16 weeks long, starts after the October half term and goes on until the week before training camp. There are 2 blocks, a shorter one before Christmas and a longer one after Christmas, you book in for a block at a time, you can do either one or both blocks.

For those who are unable to get to the sessions, there is a turbo at home option, where the sessions are sent to you weekly to complete at home. If you can possibly get to the group sessions, there is a definite advantage in training as a group, in terms of output gained training with others, and the additional coaching tips and nutrition advice nuggets!

The club owns 19 turbo trainers, which are stored in the dairy, you just need to bring yourself, your bike, cycling shoes, A GARMIN or Wahoo equivalent device, a drink and a towel. After the first session, I will calculate your personal HR zones ( and power zones if you have a power meter) for use during the turbo sessions, and will encourage you to also use them on rides. This will make your training more focussed, help you to get fitter and stronger and give you confidence when you are struggling on rides.

Garmins and Wahoo’s are bike computers, measuring distance, speed, amount of climbing, as well as giving you heart rate data.  Most of the bike  specific Garmins and Wahoos are also sat nav devices.  You can upload routes  you have planned at home to your device and the device will guide you round them (you do still have to pedal though!).  I, and most of the riders in the club, have an understanding of how these devices work, so we can help you with them. If you have another device other than a Garmin, I may not be able to provide any support with its use, and the facility that Garmin has of loading your HR data in zones may well be missing. Sign up for turbo sessions usually happens in early October and late December. See you there!

Bee Gregorie.

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