Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge the dangers of participating in cycling and fully assume the risks associated with it including, without limitation, the risk of collision with other riders, vehicles and fixed and moving objects, risks arising from surface hazards, equipment failure and weather conditions potentially leading to serious physical injury and/or loss of life.

In participating in club activities, I agree to be aware of my own limitations, to be responsible for the condition and adequacy of my equipment, to wear an approved safety helmet at all times and to ride neither to endanger myself or others

I agree that any photograph taken of me at a club event may be used for Club publicity on the website, social media and in the press.

I agree to indemnify and hold the Club and its officers and other members harmless from all claims (including those resulting from negligence or omission), including claims for physical injury or loss suffered in connection with Club activities.

Club Coaching Sessions.

I consent to taking part in club coaching sessions.

I understand and agree that I participate in coaching sessions under the instruction of British Cycling coaches entirely at my own risk. I have considered the nature of such sessions and have thought about them. I understand that each session will be explained to me before I take part. I am responsible and competent to assume full and entire responsibility for my own safety under the supervision of a British Cycling coach.

You are giving consent to participate in coaching sessions conducted in a traffic-free environment and on the public highway (by appropriately qualified coaches).

You are agreeing to comply with the Highway Code at all times when on the highway with this group.

You are signing to agree that you will disclose all medical information that may be relevant to this type of coaching.

It is part of the British Cycling Code of Conduct to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to establish a safe environment where riders can enjoy developing their cycling skills.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that her bike is in a safe condition to ride. All riders must wear a cycling helmet at all times during the coaching sessions.(except when inside)

Please ensure you notify the coach of any medical conditions you feel they should know about before participating in any sessions. If you have any concerns about participating in any form of physical activity, please consult your GP before giving your consent to take part in riding or the coaching sessions.

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