Old Terry's Lodge Road (Full)

Segment Starts: 04/02/2019
Week Number: 6

Old Terry’s Lodge Road (Full) 2019

Old Terry’s Lodge Road (Full)     
1Candy WiltonFeb 8, 201910.9mi/h04:2840
2Carolyn Swan 1904 RTFeb 9, 201910.5mi/h04:3739
3Kate Smith kvgFeb 6, 20199.6mi/h05:0238
3Susan O’MahonyFeb 9, 20199.6mi/h05:0238
5Rachel Oliver KVGFeb 9, 20199.3mi/h05:1236
5katy netherclift KVGFeb 9, 20199.3mi/h05:1236
7Ronel Irvine KVGFeb 6, 20199.0mi/h05:2334
8Ruth T KVGFeb 5, 20198.7mi/h05:3333
9Helene FugardFeb 4, 20198.6mi/h05:3732
10Josse EmanuelFeb 9, 20198.6mi/h05:3931
11Sarah Cullen KVGFeb 9, 20198.5mi/h05:4230
12Claire BarkerFeb 6, 20198.4mi/h05:4729
13Deborah McMenaminFeb 6, 20197.9mi/h06:0728
14Karen LongFeb 9, 20197.8mi/h06:1427
15Suzie Rae KVGFeb 9, 20197.7mi/h06:1726
16catriona woodhamsFeb 9, 20197.6mi/h06:2425
17Lisa Howse KVGFeb 5, 20197.4mi/h06:3424
18Catherine BentleyFeb 4, 20197.4mi/h06:3523
19Fiona TurnerFeb 6, 20197.3mi/h06:3922
20Catherine MitchellFeb 6, 20197.1mi/h06:5021
21Sarah GrahamFeb 6, 20197.1mi/h06:5320
22Jackie GibbonsFeb 6, 20197.0mi/h06:5519
23Bee Gregorie KVGFeb 10, 20196.8mi/h07:0918
24Faye FieldFeb 6, 20196.4mi/h07:3217
25Katy HughesFeb 9, 20196.3mi/h07:4316
26Wendy Froggatt KVGFeb 6, 20196.2mi/h07:5015
27janice baileyFeb 4, 20196.0mi/h08:0414
1james couseFeb 9, 201910.8mi/h04:3015
2Nigel Terry SDW/KVBFeb 10, 201910.6mi/h04:3414
3Adrian HowseFeb 9, 201910.3mi/h04:4413
4rob guyFeb 9, 201910.1mi/h04:4912
5Keith RamseyFeb 9, 20199.8mi/h04:5611
6Nigel Froggatt KVBFeb 9, 20199.7mi/h05:0110
7Ben CalthropFeb 9, 20199.6mi/h05:039
8Graeme TriggFeb 9, 20199.3mi/h05:138
9Damien WellsFeb 9, 20198.6mi/h05:377
10Mark WoodhamsFeb 9, 20198.0mi/h06:036
11Robin Calver KVBFeb 9, 20197.6mi/h06:255
We are a cycling club for women. All ages, novice, ace and everything in between. We offer easy, intermediate and advanced level group rides over six days a week; 15 rides to choose from. Some ladies like to tour, cyclocross, sportive, race, climb hills, challenge themselves, maintain or grow their fitness. And friendship and support is thread through all of these. To join book on to an induction. https://kentvelogirls.co.uk/joining-kvg/Join in with our sportive on 6/10/19. Enjoy riding through beautiful Kentish countryside with home baked feedstops, friendly marshals and a warm welcome on your return. Choose your distance; 20:40:60 sMiles. Link in bioLinda, modest as ever, has been found out... Fabulous Fifth in her age group at the UCI GRAN FONDO. Many congratulations- another fabulous result!The Morzine Fourteen

1 for a spacious chalet by a babbling brook, with a hot tub, sauna and more than one excellent cook.

2 for @velovation.cc long days with views galore and tasty picnics to restore.

3 for French baskets to carry poulets and peches up the hill.

4 for beds in a room in which to lie nice and still.

5 for puzzling punctures for One (but it all worked out fine). 6 for the time to pour out the wine.

7 for the number of days spinning wheels.

8 for kilometres to descend to Tanninge.

9 for stretching positions to avoid one or more twinge.

10 for candles (plus 40 minus 1) on A birthday cake.

11 for percentage push to the top of Colombiere.

12(k) for the cold, hard slog up Saleve to finally look down on the lake at Geneve.

13 for bananas chopped for breakfast each day.

and 14 for KVG comrades rolling through Morzine, a sight this commune had never before seen.Amazing performance by Nicky (on the right, biggest smile) in the UCI World champs- congrats on the podium place! All those hideous training sessions have paid off! 😊Ride London excitement and anticipation. Lots of ladies doing this for the first time this year, all had a fabulous ride and are still smiling like this!This morning. The “bread and butter’ of our club are the daily club rides our Ride Leaders run every week. The main goal for us is to ride with others. That’s what we do, six days a week.Always anticipated with much excitement is the trip to Folkestone, long ride there - in the sunshine- lunch by the sea, a sneaky glass of rosé, and the train home!Finishing the 106k distance in the Maratona at the weekend this KVG was thanking all the club members who gave support and encouragement during her rather shortened training (injury) in the lead up to the event. Well done!