Segment of the Week Rules

Any paid-up member of KVG/KVB/KVK is invited to take part in our on-going challenge. (KVK will take part in the KVG or KVB league dependent on their gender.)

Each week a local Strava segment is nominated Segment of the Week. All you need is a device supported by Strava, such as a Garmin or iPhone or an Android phone, an app and you are away. You will need to join KVG or KVB club on Strava.

We would really like riders to take part in the challenge every week so the points system below is designed to reward both excellence and consistency – at least 7 of the 13 segments in each period must be completed in order for riders to remain in their division.


1) Rides must be completed on the designated segment between 8am on Monday morning and 6pm on Sunday night. Only rides uploaded to Strava before the 6pm deadline will be included.

2) There will be 4 leagues a year, Jan-Mar, apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. 

3) Points will be scored as follows: for KVG 40 points will be awarded for the fastest rider, reducing down to 1 point for the 40th placed and subsequent riders if there are more than 40 riders.  For KVB the fastest rider will receive 15 points down to 1 for the 15th and subsequent riders.

4) Only data on the device belonging to the actual person will be counted, borrowed data from another person, even if you felt you rode “together” will not be counted.

5) The KVG league will be divided into Division 1, division 2 and BOTR .  The KVB league will remain as a single division for the time being.

6) At the end of each 3 month  period, the bottom 3 riders in Division 1 and any riders not completing at least 7 of the 13 segments in that period will be relegated to division 2.  The same number of riders will be promoted from Division 2 to Division 1 providing they have completed at least 7 of the segments.  Similarly 3 riders will be demoted from Division 2 to BOTR plus any that have not completed at least 7 of the segments. Riders from BOTR will be promoted to take their place providing they have completed at least 7 segments.  Both Division 1 and Division 2 will have a maximum of 20 riders.

7) Any rider joining the league for the first time will be automatically put into BOTR.

8) Segments are chosen each week, if you have a nomination for a segment please get in touch with Bee, who is always up for nominations.