Jingle Belles.

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

Third time lucky!  After the previous couple of years when bad weather had meant that we couldn’t ride out, this year the Saturday Santa Ride finally took place . . . and on a lovely day too.
18 riders came along in festive spirit and enjoyed a great ride out on a lovely morning. 

There was tinsel and teeny boppers, Santa hats and sunglasses . . . . and even a reindeer onesie, fabulous, as I think Polly wore it through her entire ride.  I was also quite impressed with the streamlining forethought that had gone into some of the decorations so that SOTW could still be ridden at speed; I’m sure that Sling’s pointed Santa hat may have even given her a small advantage!
So we brought some Christmas cheer to the motorists and pedestrians alike with quite a few waves and “Merry Christmas” greetings and even a few carols were sung en route. 
One particular memorable moment was the spotting of an unusual reindeer at the top of Ashes Lane . . . . . poor thing did look a bit startled when it realised we were watching though (nice one Hatty)!
So, ‘In the bleak midwinter’, ‘Hark, the Herald KVG’s’ sang on bikes, with ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reincycle’ leading the way.  All that leaves me to say is, ‘God rest ye Merry Gentlecyclists’, until next year when we respond to the cycling call of ‘O Come, all ye faithful’,




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