Marmotte 2015

My Marmotte 2015




I did the Maratona in 2014, my first big challenge ever and felt spurred on to do another ‘event’ so the Marmotte was chosen. From the comfort of the computer entry form what was there to worry about! The name comes from the large ground squirrel that is known to inhabit the slopes of the final climb to the finish in Alpe d’Huez.




Training is clearly a large part of the event itself. Without all the preparation the 176km and 5200m climbing would have been an impossible challenge for me.  I did the KVG home and Majorca training camp, Mont Ventoux and surrounding countryside, 3 days long distance riding in Northern France [if you do this take a packed lunch as mostly closed!] The Dartmoor Classic [3200m climbing] and many hill climbs around us here in Kent. 




I felt well prepared but what I wasn’t prepared for was the exceptional heat. Wendy [bless her so much] was waiting at the top of Alpe d’Huez to cheer us on and her Garmin saw 50+ degrees c. It was so so hot and that made hydration very tricky and the heat was so so very draining. The views were stunning, the descents very welcome! It is still a very male dominated race but I experienced a lot less of the slightly patronizing ‘well done you for being out on your bike’ comments that I have no doubt most of have experienced in sportives. 


The feeling of achievement was amazing, I finished in silver medal time and was over the moon. Its so worth ticking the box on this iconinc ride but be very well prepared,  both physically and mentally!


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