KVG Current League Table

Division 1 2019

  7th July14th July21st July28th July31st Aug8th Sept15th Sept Total
DIV 1Wk 27Wk 28Wk 29Wk 30SOTMWk 36Wk 37
1Candy Wilton40404040404040280
2Helene Fugard36373439373637256
3Kate Smith KVG33343338333632239
4Lisa Howse KVG35313032303939236
5Clare Midgley KVG393936350036185
6Sue O'Mahony333631373400171
7Katy Netherclift KVG233535332300149
8Janice Bailey21241320212227148
9Rachel Oliver KVG03838313800145
10Karen Long253427223200140
11Bee Gregorie KVG300241524035128
12Jackie Gibbons1723131718260114
13Catriona Woodhams27270025030109
14Sarah Cullen310323600099
15Fay Margo290029280086
16Catherine Mitchell001602603476
17Linda Baker261102600063
18Josse Emmanuel03028000058
19Deborah McMenamin00253000055
20Carole Clark01821000039

Division 2 2019

  7th July14th July21st July28th July31st Aug8th Sept16th Sept Total    
Div 2Wk 27Wk 28Wk 29Wk 30SOTMWk 36Wk 37
1Catherine Bentley029152420360124
2Hatty Philips025140171828102
3Kate Breen0138160142071
3Liz Mclaughlin1514190023071
3Ruth Terry KVG380001320071
6Claire Barker00003603470
7Althea Davies1812172100068
8Jo Towers172220000059
9Sarah Thompson02800290057
10Fiona Turner022100150047
11Jan Dodd00000000

BOTR 2019

  7th July14th July21st July28th July31st Aug8th Sept15th Sept Total
BOTRWk 27Wk 28Wk 29Wk 30SOTMWk 36Wk 37
1Caroline Aitken3432290273329184
2Suzie Rae371526340370149
3Janice Wallace0201828223225145
4Claire Stockdale29002335310118
5Lucy Cannon2026222700095
6Lotte Garner240230038085
7Carolyn Swan KVG00400390079
8Sarah Allewell00000283967
9Ellen Inglis00370029066
9Kath Barton191740026066
11Jane Lavendar001100282362
12Katy Hughes140700182261
13Debbie Morland131600026055
14Sarah Graham00600222452
15Linda Endicott00925140048
16Valerie Fuller00519015039
17Wendy Froggatt KVG01901800037
18Cath Rawlings0000003232
19Emma Birchenough Dwyer0000310031
20Alison Bryant0000030030
21Laura Chapmen0000002727
22Becca C01000016026
23Glenda Goscomb2200000022
24Gill Sanders0000002121
25Grace Imeson0000190019
25Kim Cross0000019019
25Helen Gray0000001919
28Ann Mountney0031400017
29Glynis Doyle0000160016
30Andrea Bolam0020120014
31Julie Harrison0000110011
32Iva Cassell0000100010

KVB 2019

  7th July14th July21st July28th July31st AugSept 9thSept 15th Total
KVBWk 27Wk 28Wk 29Wk 30SOTMWk 36Wk 37
1Matt Taylor15151514131514101
2Adrian Howse0141212913060
2Steve Thompson0001515151560
4Robin Calver13011719950
5Rob Guy051401201041
6Matthew Holland080011101140
7Ben Calthrop06011801237
8Graeme Trigg013130100036
9John Wells12006111030
11Ian Midgley01101000021
11Alex M1410060021
11Hamish Gregorie0210018021
11DAVID MORLAND0900012021
15James Couse0000701320
16Mark Woodhams070000815
17Michael Swan009050014
18Nigel Froggatt0001300013
19Louis Irvine0120000012
20Keith Ramsay030800011
21Greg Lawton00090009
22Oriol Margo00004004
22Henry Salmon04000004
22James Williamson01003004
22Steve Ferrigno00002024
We are a cycling club for women. All ages, novice, ace and everything in between. We offer easy, intermediate and advanced level group rides over six days a week; 15 rides to choose from. Some ladies like to tour, cyclocross, sportive, race, climb hills, challenge themselves, maintain or grow their fitness. And friendship and support is thread through all of these. To join book on to an induction. https://kentvelogirls.co.uk/joining-kvg/Join in with our sportive on 6/10/19. Enjoy riding through beautiful Kentish countryside with home baked feedstops, friendly marshals and a warm welcome on your return. Choose your distance; 20:40:60 sMiles. Link in bioLinda, modest as ever, has been found out... Fabulous Fifth in her age group at the UCI GRAN FONDO. Many congratulations- another fabulous result!The Morzine Fourteen

1 for a spacious chalet by a babbling brook, with a hot tub, sauna and more than one excellent cook.

2 for @velovation.cc long days with views galore and tasty picnics to restore.

3 for French baskets to carry poulets and peches up the hill.

4 for beds in a room in which to lie nice and still.

5 for puzzling punctures for One (but it all worked out fine). 6 for the time to pour out the wine.

7 for the number of days spinning wheels.

8 for kilometres to descend to Tanninge.

9 for stretching positions to avoid one or more twinge.

10 for candles (plus 40 minus 1) on A birthday cake.

11 for percentage push to the top of Colombiere.

12(k) for the cold, hard slog up Saleve to finally look down on the lake at Geneve.

13 for bananas chopped for breakfast each day.

and 14 for KVG comrades rolling through Morzine, a sight this commune had never before seen.Amazing performance by Nicky (on the right, biggest smile) in the UCI World champs- congrats on the podium place! All those hideous training sessions have paid off! 😊Ride London excitement and anticipation. Lots of ladies doing this for the first time this year, all had a fabulous ride and are still smiling like this!This morning. The “bread and butter’ of our club are the daily club rides our Ride Leaders run every week. The main goal for us is to ride with others. That’s what we do, six days a week.Always anticipated with much excitement is the trip to Folkestone, long ride there - in the sunshine- lunch by the sea, a sneaky glass of rosé, and the train home!Finishing the 106k distance in the Maratona at the weekend this KVG was thanking all the club members who gave support and encouragement during her rather shortened training (injury) in the lead up to the event. Well done!