KVG joins the Pink Parade



Pink Parade


Hilden was like a bit like Heathrow Airport this morning; cyclists, like planes, were fuelled and ready to fly off but completely fogged bound!   Someone was heard to say, “come on, let’s get going! It’s bound to be sunnier up in Sevenoaks!”  (the ever optimistic PVS!)  So two groups took off, flying in perfect formation of course, to rendezvous with Sevenoaks Ladies Joggers at the top of the High Street.  Flying is quite an apt analogy as the route was mainly uphill!!


Our flight plan was to parade down Sevenoaks High Street, cyclist and runners together, to show our support and collect money for Breast Cancer Care. We certainly made a pink ribbon with both the riders and runners on the road, pedestrians and car drivers stopped to cheer us on.  We were greeted by the Mayor at the Vine Cricket Ground who I think was tickled pink to have his picture taken with us all.

It was a privilege to take part in this pink parade, especially as one of the riders is recovering from breast cancer.  Cancer touches the lives of so many which makes taking part in an event such like todays is both meaningful and poignant.  Raising money and awareness is increasing important and the pink ribbon did the KVG proud.

As for the weather, it was colder and foggier up in Sevenoaks . . . . well, I never claimed to be a weather reporter, we leave that to Hatty!

Well done girls . . . . . from PVS xx

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