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We welcome new members throughout the year, and ladies (and girls) come from different pathways, from total beginners to experienced cyclists. We have been totally inundated with new member enquiries! This is very exciting but means that we have had to formalise our joining procedure for the safety and enjoyment of both the new riders and our current members.

Everyone who would like to join will be required to do an induction session, this is so that you can meet some of us, and we can make sure that you understand group riding and the safety features involved in riding in a group. We will take you for a short ride as part of this session. You can ride any bike on the induction session. But you will need to be prepared to invest in a drop handlebar road bike for nearly all our group rides (Monday morning rides will remain any bike).Induction session will be run once a month, alternating between Saturday and Monday afternoons 12.30-3pm. These sessions will be free. Riders will need to be able to go on to a 20-mile ride from this course, so some previous recent riding experience/fitness is necessary. For those who have no experience or fitness it’s worth looking at CycloFemme sessions at Cyclopark (a closed road circuit at Gravesend) or Breeze rides to help you to get going, and build some fitness and confidence.

Our next induction sessions are:

Saturday 14th March  BOOK A PLACE
Monday  30th March  BOOK A PLACE
Saturday 18th April 
Monday 11th May
Saturday 13th June 
Monday 6th July

Please have a look at our Events page for details.

Contact us, we will let you know when the next induction dates are, and we will be able to advise you which rides are most suitable. You will almost certainly need to join the Monday morning ride, or, if you have a road bike already, the Wednesday or Saturday easy ride.

We would still like you to attend the one-off induction, before joining, that way we can show you the way we like to run our group rides, and if you are experienced, you will be able to help us to support the other newbies, and then join a group that is more appropriate for your level of fitness. Book in above.

You could borrow a bike from someone, We have club road bikes that you can try before buying one. (To enquire please email ) Any bike will do, as long as it goes forward safely, and stops safely.  If you are thinking of buying a road bike, either talk to us, borrow a club bike first or go and see Wildside in Tunbridge Wells, or Evendens in Paddock Wood, they are well acquainted with the type of bikes needed for our rides. You will need a road bike to take part in club activities (no flat bars please).

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THE INDUCTION- 3 hr session. This session is designed to teach people safe group riding skills, and act as an introduction to the club. We have found that people who have done the course (regardless of their level of cycling experience) have benefited, and have got much more out of subsequent group rides. The course involves 90 mins of coaching (on a playground/tennis courts, as we are not allowed to coach these skills on the road) and up to a 90 min group road ride to put the skills into practice. All welcome on ANY bike, although all our rides except Monday morning are road bikes ONLY.

Please contact us if you have any queries, or click the relevant link above to book a place.

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We are currently not accepting new members until early March.