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Kent Velo Girls Cycling Club welcomes new members with varying levels of cycling experience. Please note however that the club only accommodates members aged 18 years or over.

To enable members to benefit from limited liability, Kent Velo Girls Cycling Club has incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Every member must undertake to guarantee, to a maximum of £1, the debts and liabilities of the Company if the Company is wound up whilst they are a member or within a year of ceasing to be a member. As a Company, we operate within the confines of our Memorandum and Articles of Association and ask members to agree to be bound by the provisions of the Company’s Articles and Rules; links to which are at the bottom of the page.

There are three steps to becoming a member of Kent Velo Girls Cycling Club.

The induction process is dependent on whether you will be joining the Kent Velo Girls or Kent Velo Boys section of the club. All bike types are accepted at the KVG induction session/ride, although should you wish to join the club and take advantage of the range of rides offered, you will need to be prepared to invest in a drop-handlebar road bike.

Step 1

For prospective members wishing to join the Kent Velo Girls section of the club:

Induction sessions are run by members of the Kent Velo Girls who are British Cycling qualified coaches and cover group riding techniques and the associated safety issues. The first part of the session takes place in a traffic free environment (for example a school playground) and is followed by a group ride of approximately 10 miles on local roads to practice the skills covered. There will be several Kent Velo Girls members on hand to help at the induction session, so it is a great opportunity to hear about the club’s activities and ask as many questions as you wish.

If you feel that your current fitness may not extend to the club’s entry-level “easy” group rides of circa 20 miles for women, then it is worth considering local Breeze Rides ( to help you build some fitness and confidence.

Our KVG Induction Sessions for 2024 are:

Saturday 6th April,  Saturday 11th May, Saturday 15th June, Saturday 13th July, Saturday 28th September 


Watch this short YouTube video to find out what happens at our induction sessions.

Inductions are friendly, informative and last for around 2 hours, including a 10 mile group ride on the road at the end of the session.

Inductions aren’t ‘pass or fail’ but a chance for you to learn more about KVG and how we ride so you can decide if the Club is right for you.

For prospective members wishing to join the Kent Velo Boys section of the club:

Induction rides are offered throughout the year and are led by a member of the Kent Velo Boys who is a British Cycling qualified coach, along with another experienced member of the club. The rides will take place as part of the club’s weekly Saturday morning ride and will be of approximately 30 miles on local roads to practice group riding techniques and the associated safety issues within a group of club regular riders.

If you are interested in joining KVB please email

Step Two

In the interests of safeguarding the club and its members against liability to third parties during club rides and events, it is a condition of membership that all members MUST have third party liability insurance. This can be obtained through membership of British Cycling, Cycling UK or British Triathlon Federation.

The club’s insurance only covers guests on their first two rides (e.g. their induction session). Our membership form asks to which association you are affiliated and for your membership number.

If you have any queries about insurance cover please email

Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March with a current annual fee of £52 per annum applying to all members.

Applications received between 1st September and 31st December attract a reduced fee of £35.

Applications received between 1st January and 31st March will expire on 31st March the following year and will be £52 for this term.
If you wish to become a member of Kent Velo Girls Cycling Club, please click the ‘Join Now’ button which will take you to our online membership form.

KVG Limericks…

There was a lady cyclist from Kent

On fitness she was hell bent

So she joined KVG

With their leader called Bee

And away up those hills she went!


There was a lady cyclist from Kent

Out riding these Velo girls went

A trip to Mallorca

Sa Colobra, what a corker

KVGs you are magnificent!

Frances Thomas