Definition of a Road Bike – For the purposes of KVG rides.

To keep things simple, to help people purchasing their first road bike, and to help newbies to keep up on our group rides this is the KVG definition of a Road Bike.
  1. Drop handlebars
  2. Tyres that are smooth and under 28c wide.
  3. Ability to fit a rear mudguard in GMT ( clip on is fine)
  4. Suitable gearing. Minimum 50/34 or a triple 50/40/30 ( or thereabouts ) cassettes can be any ratio up to 32 tooth.
  1. Cross bikes
  2. Gravel Bikes
  3. Touring bikes
*** Exceptions may be made and will be reviewed on a person by person basis ( please get in touch ) – but riders on the above bikes need to be prepared to ride down 1 or 2 groups in order to be able to keep up with riders on Road Bikes. If you are struggling to keep up on an easy ride on one of these bikes, you will be asked not to ride that bike any more.
We are not pro riders, nor are we trying to ride at 50kph. We are simply trying to keep our groups together, for rider safety, the confidence of our riders, and courtesy to other road users.
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