Chapeau Linda!

KVG’s racing star finishes the season in true Endicott style!

The close of the season has really come together for me and I have had a great 2014 season of cycling. 


I started the season in March with a category 3 race licence and did  Road Races on closed circuits. Some of the races were women’s cat 3 and 4 and some of them were with all cats 1, 2,3 and 4’s which often made these harder, faster races. I did a whole variety of circuits this year such as Redbridge, Hillingdon, Dunsfold, Eelmore and Cyclopark.  To move from cat 3 to cat 2 you need to be placed in races to get points and you need a total number of 40 points in one season to move up to cat 2.  I managed to get the last points I needed  at Hillingdon on 3 rd September with a 5 th place which took me up to 40 points so I now have my cat 2 licence.  I have done many of the races with Kary and we had loads of fun and met a lot of other women racing from different clubs.

I started the SEWTTS with events in March and managed to fit in 6 Time trials through the season.  I have done a whole variety of distances 50m, 20m 10m and I think one of them was 31m.  I never thought I would be racing along the A31 on the Bentley course but it just goes to show if you end up doing different things it makes you try something new!
Yesterday (Saturday 20th Sept)  I won the Novice category 10m TT.  I also came second overall in the Novice category of the Series and won the Vets in the Novice category of the Series.  I won £80 pounds and together with £5 I won in the 50m TT that’s a total of £85 plus my lovely Rapha gilet.

In early July I had a lovely time with Lorna and Nicky in the beautiful Dolomites and managed a 7th place in my age group in the Maratona (4200m climbing).

So an amazing 2014 season with lots of fantastic Friday rides out with the KVG

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