Alp D’Huez

Having been thinking about joining KVG for a long time I finally joined in July ahead of my trip to the Alpes to cycle Alpe D’Huez – my 2016 challenge!

Nothing like leaving it to the last minute – 2 weeks before our holiday I switched pedals and fell off practicing in my road the night before my first KVG ride in front of my daughters and husband – not a great start ?

We met at the golf club for the Tuesday ride and I guessed that the Hill Rep route would be best for me to train for the mountains. 3 of us set off and I have to say I felt a bit sick as “Super 6” and Yorks Hill were mentioned and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was letting myself in for and not that confident with the pedals and shoes.

Viv and Cass were amazing Рso supportive and encouraging and we managed all 6 hill climbs that morning. It was a bit nuts really for my first ride out but I loved it! I retuned that Friday and did the Intermediate ride with another group led by Anna. It was pacey and hilly and so great to ride with others and stretch myself. Great company and a really social ride Р everyone was so welcoming.

The holiday was amazing and we did 3 mountain climbs including Alpe D’Huez. My last minute KVG training and the Kent hills were great preparation – the gradients here definitely helped!

Now the girls are back at school I am looking forward to cycling more regularly with KVG – as others have said cycling in a group makes you cycle faster and stronger but still making it much more enjoyable and fun.