About KVG

Kent Velo Girls (KVG) started life in 2008 with a small group of female cyclists on a trail. Over the past 14 years, we have grown in numbers, ability and confidence too!

Our philosophy is “motivation gets you started and habit keeps you going”.  KVG is here to help you every step of the way.  We have an induction process that helps you to choose the right level of ride for your first sessions with the club and there are rides for a range of abilities from Easy to Advanced.

Our 200 members enjoy regular road rides.  We have 15 club rides a week, spread over every day of the week, departing from Hildenborough.  Our easy rides (Mon, Wed, Sat) are the starting point and, although any bike is acceptable on the Monday Easy only, the vast majority of our riders are on road bikes (with drop handlebars and smooth tyres). We have found that riders on touring bikes and cross bikes have difficulty keeping up on our rides and so don’t encourage the use of these bikes on club rides (if you have either a touring or cross bike, do get in touch and we can advise you).

Kent Velo Girls

Total beginners/rusty riders can join local Breeze rides (you do not need to be a member of KVG to take part in these gentler rides on the roads and trails) to get them into the whole cycling experience in a gentler, less structured, way.

Intermediate riders develop their skills and fitness, entering challenges and sportives, as well as some triathlons. More advanced and fitter riders take part in challenges and racing, both on closed road circuits and time trialling.

Most of our sessions take place during the week, but there are also rides at the weekend. Saturday is our busiest day!

The majority of our riders enjoy cycling to keep fit and, as they get fitter and more confident, they go on to set themselves challenges. KVG take part in sportives and Grand Fondos in the UK and Europe. The club organises an annual 50-mile course to help riders build endurance to that distance, as well as a number of 100-mile rides every year.  We also run a “stay at home” training camp in March and a week-long training camp in Mallorca in April. We have riders training for racing and, increasingly, time trialling too. We organise an annual sportive, primarily with the aim of promoting women’s cycling and encouraging women and families out onto their bikes.

We have a small men’s section, the Kent Velo Boys, and a children’s group too, Kent Velo Kids.

There are opportunities to develop your cycling skills in road cycling and other disciplines.  We have several club coaches and a comprehensive development programme.

We run some mountain biking sessions and are planning to develop this side of cycling further over the coming months. Back in 2013, a group of 20 KVG had their first experience of track cycling at Calshot and, since then, we have organised and taken part in regular club training sessions on the track at both Lee Valley and Herne Hill.


The club is very social, with every ride ending with a coffee, and fun and friendship are the mainstays of the atmosphere within the club. New members are welcomed and will quickly find their feet and enjoy riding out with groups of their ability. There are social rides and events throughout the year.

The coaches and ride leaders of KVG are committed to cycling and are passionate about encouraging women to take part in cycling at every level. All you need is a bit of enthusiasm and a commitment to turn up and we will help you to set your goals and achieve your cycling dreams!

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