100 Miles Hall of Fame

100 Miles Hall of Fame

Our Current 100 Milers

Here’s a quote from one of our members who achieved it.

“I never thought I’d do it – it is such a huge milestone. But achieve it I did and I’m very happy. I’ve only been cycling for 2 years and just can’t believe how far I’ve come.”

The following KVG girls have successfully attained 100 miles in a single ride.

Clare MidgleyCatherine Bentley
Helene FugardHannah Mitchell
Iva CasselHatty Philips
Jane MorganSue Young
Jo DoddsRonel Irvine
Josse EmanuelSuzie Rae
Karen LongCathy Rawlings
Kate BreenCandy Wilton
Lorna KellyJackie Gibbons
Pat RawlinsFrances Thomas
Rachel OliverAndrea Bolam
Ruth TerryBee Gregorie
Sarah CullenCaroline Aiken
Sue HodgkinsIsabelle Clayton
Sue O’MahonyNicola Masters
Kay WoodsJanice Wallace

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